Saturday, April 5, 2014

Oh how I miss these cuties!

Cassidy and her three munchkins came to spend their Spring Break with us and we had such a great time. 

At the ice cream parlor 

Enjoying gifts the kids picked out. And Cassidy redecorated my living room!  I love it. 

Playing at the park in Ten Sleep

Cass definitely has her hands full!
(Such a serious swinger!)

And the goofy one when the camera comes out. 

Relaxing with grandpa. 

Posing on the old car by Ten Sleep Creek. James thinks this is pretty cool. 

More ice cream!

And mostly just playing in grandma and grandpas back yard. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Kaytee: LAST Daughter!

Kaytee's last time to hang out with these crazy girls she's known almost since Kindergarten. They are being goofy waiting for their Prom dates to arrive for dinner.
All dressed up at last - watching for their dates to arrive (for the second time) this time to go to the dance.

Kaytee pinning the boutonniere on her sweet date, Brandon Wilde. They really were in the same Kindergarten class together.
And he slips on her wrist corsage. She got flowers for her hair to match.
She had pretty sparkly shoes too. And open toed for the first time ever. Her toes seem to have a mind of their own so she normally keeps them corralled.
And they are off to the dance. I will post some pictures from the big event itself when I get them in the next day or so.
A few more "lasts" from Kaytee's last year in high school. Her last time supporting her friends in their sporting events. (Ethan was in that same Kindergarten class!)
There is something pretty awesome about being part of the student section at a high school basketball game. Here are Taylor Voss, Alyssa Torres, Chantel Ramos, Kaytee, Nikki Madden, and Kirstie Cady. Last time to do this too - will probably be a lot crazier sitting in the student section at BYU next fall - but she will really miss this group of friends.
And finally the last time for Kaytee to go to a Dance where couples dressed alike and no one was even surprised by the shirts she and Ethan chose to wear.